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Dearborn Area Chamber Introduces TradeCertify


Online Certificate of Origin

Apply for Certificates of Origin over the Internet

Certificates of Origin right at your desk

Eliminate courier fees or trips to the Chamber

Turnaround time in hours, rather than days

Save money, save time, save complexity


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March 25, 2013
Dearborn, Michigan

Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce has introduced TradeCertify to Michigan exporters, a fully electronic Certificate of Origin system.  Now, Michigan exporters can submit Certificate of Origin applications to the Chamber quickly over the Internet, and print approved Certificates right at their own desks.  Chamber procedures and the new system follow recognized international standards.  Wendy Fichter, who is leading the Certificate of Origin project at the Chamber, spent time training with Ann-Marie Day from Tradecert.com.

Wendy Fichter, Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce, (left) and Ann-Marie Day, Tradecert.com (right) review a TradeCertify online Certificate of Origin application for a Chamber member company


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